I'm Rodolfo Vejar

A passionate photo- and videographer.
Throughout my life I have worked in commercial productions for film, television and Internet promos.
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About myself …

I was born in Talcahuano Chile, lived my childhood there and at age 11 we moved with my family to Australia.
This was at the time of Pinochet and both my mother and stepfather were politically active against the dictatorship.
A sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice was instilled in me by my parents, something that I’m glad and happy to have to this day.

I did High school in South Australia and lived there until I was 19. Having experienced two different cultures and having needed to adapt to a different way of life, I became curious about the world and how people live in different places.

By age 19 I travelled through Peru and Bolivia and my beautiful Chile. This sparked a curiosity about indigenous cultures.

I spent a good time travelling with very little money and learning as much as I could from the people I met.
This gave me a sense of belonging not to a country but to the world, and taught me to respect and admire nature for its beauty and power. It also made me realize how disconnected we are to nature as human beings.

I studied Cultural Studies at Roskilde University (Denmark) and Communications in Screen Productions at Griffith University, Australia. I have been living in the Netherlands with my family now since 2002, working as a freelancer in video and photography.


Throughout my life I have worked in commercial productions, film, television and Internet promos.
As a volunteer, I worked for n.g.o. projects for indigenous rights and have made television reportages In Mexico and Chile. Indigenous rights and preservation of knowledge is something that I’m still very passionate about and I can talk for hours about people and cultures, I can also talk about documentaries, tennis, diving and last but not least tango dancing and music something that I really enjoy.

I see now, how moving to a different country at age 11 made me who I am today, still curious about people and their lives. I enjoy the process of working together to tell a story… your story. I love documenting, be it on video or photography. Letting people in, sharing what we see and how we see it, or letting the image speak for it.

So if you plan to go on an adventure let me know! I’ll get the equipment ready so we can and will share it with the world!

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