“It’s about sharing”

Event photography is not only about documenting, to me it’s about sharing, being able to let others see what we had experienced. It’s about capturing the most meaning possible in one frame. The challenge here is to be precise and not to bring too much attention to yourself.

“How we’re gonna do it”

We will talk before the event, so we will have all of the logistics worked out beforehand. On the day of the event, clients are usually busy with so many other things, I will be out of your way, doing what I love, knowing what your photographic needs are.

Portrait photography

“Capturing the person’s mood and personality”

Portraits for me are about capturing the person’s mood and personality, more so then posing or complicated lighting. It is more about letting the personality of someone, be it the individual or a character they are portraying, come out to the surface and shine.

“We will laugh talk and get comfortable”

We will take our time, if we have it. We will laugh talk and get comfortable with each other and the camera, it is a join venture, we will make the best photos or videos possible and we will do it together.

Product photography

“The photo should be faithful to the product”

This is about framing, speed and lighting. What colour are the products? How do they reflect light? Is the photo faithful to the product? Product photography is about being creative and technical at the same time.

“It is about getting the best image”

Having done thousands of product photos, it is for me second nature, however it is not only about what you know, it is about getting the best image the client and the products deserve.

I'm looking forward to make your next project a great succes!

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